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COVID 19 Alert Level 2 – Guidance for Clubs, Coaches and Centres

Update 14th May – 9.19am

This update contains:

  • Level 2 club and coach resource links
  • Contact Tracing tool information
  • Invitation to a Tennis NZ hosted Q&A today (Thursday)

At Alert Level 2, tennis can reopen in a way that we are all a bit more familiar with. However, there are firm measures in place from Government to ensure the health and safety of those within and outside the tennis community. It will take some time before sport and life returns to normal, so it is important that we all play our part to minimise the risk of further outbreaks of Covid-19 in New Zealand.

Last week, Sport NZ shared detailed guidelines on safe practices for the sport and recreation sector. It is our job to help the tennis community understand and translate those guidelines in to a tennis context. Yesterday afternoon, there were some last minute changes to the sport sector guidelines that impact on group and gathering sizes so we have been working hard today to interpret those changes.

We all know how well positioned tennis is right now – non-contact and naturally physically distanced, but I urge you to still take time to digest the guidelines provided and to fully understand the responsibility your club and coaching business has to keep yourselves and players safe. There is a natural desire to get back to business quickly, and you might be feeling pressure from members or clients, but please make sure that you understand the guidelines and create detailed and robust plans before restarting operations. It is our hope that the information provided will support you in forward planning, noting that your club, facility or coaching business will need to make your own decisions, and take responsibility for understanding any restrictions and requirements. We are happy to provide advice however we cannot confirm or endorse operational safety plans.

The most important principle is to ‘play it safe’. To contact trace, and to remain physically distant from others. The health, safety and wellbeing of the whole community is of paramount importance.


All Level 2 resources can be found here –

You will find:

  • Detailed Alert Level 2 guidelines in a tennis context -
  • A new Alert Level 2 safety plan for clubs and coaches
  • New posters for:
    – Check in/contact tracing instructions
    – Play Safe (for the public/members)
    – Safe Coaching (what our coaches are doing to keep you safe)
    – Safe Club (what our club is doing to keep you safe)
  • The link for the updated contact tracing tool


Version 1 of the online contact tracing register was designed for bubble play only so we’ve developed it further and made some improvements from feedback from some of the ~75 clubs that used it at Level 3.

The Contact Tracing tool for Level 2 will be live later tonight at which will redirect automatically to

Note that the Formstack URL used for level 3 tracing will be obsolete tomorrow.

There is a ‘Remember Me’ tick box on the new form so a person should only have to select their venue and enter details once. However Clubs can also create a custom URL by adding their venue name to the URL like this

This will preselect your club name in the form. Venue needs to be spelt exactly as it is on the Where to Play page at Replacing each space with %20 will ensure the URL is not truncated incorrectly.

How to opt in your club to use the tracing tool. (clubs who used the tool for Level 3 have been opted in already)

  • Login to Promato at and take menu option Club Info.
  • Tick the COVID Contact Tracing tick box then click Update.
  • All clubs have a Promato login regardless of whether they use the system for membership management or not. Contact if you need a password reset.
  • It would be greatly appreciated if you could also edit your Club Info and Coach Census data while you are in Promato. It is at times like these that accurate contact data is vital.

A monitoring function is also available in Promato that enables you to list all check ins at your venue in real time. See menu COVID Tracing. Please do a crosscheck with any other booking system you are using to ensure members are checking in responsibly.


Tennis NZ CEO Julie Paterson would like to invite club representatives to a 30 minutes online Q&A today (Thursday).  This is an opportunity to ask questions for clarity on Level 2 guidelines and resources.

Date: Thursday May 14
Time: 4pm-4.30pm
Description: Open club forum for club reps to join in with a 30 minute Q&A with questions about tennis at Alert Level 2

Where: Online via Zoom.  Join Zoom Meeting:

If you would like to submit questions prior to the video call, you can email them to

Thank you for getting this far (both in this email and through lockdown!), and good luck as you open up your tennis activity again. This has been a time of great unity, relationship building and lots of interaction between everyone involved in tennis, and I personally have loved it. Being able to connect with so many people passionate about tennis has made isolation feel more like collaboration.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.


Chris Casey

Mobile: 0223996235
Phone: +64 9 4145530 ext. 703