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Academy Expectations

Academy Expectations

In order for our philosophy to be successful we do have some policies that we require all of our players and parents to adhere to;

All players must have a genuine commitment to the Academy programme and representing the region (if selected), and to developing as a player.

This may include;

  • Seeking individual technical tuition, which is essential for every player
  • To participate in regular fitness conditioning sessions that is specific for tennis.
  • To demonstrate a commitment to playing tournaments especially in the holiday period
  • We expect all players to behave both on and off the court in a reasonable manner in accordance with our Players Code of Conduct.

We encourage all of the parents to watch a session to see what they are all about, but do not to wish them to be regular attendees at sessions.

This is so the players can learn to cope and motivate themselves positively on their own, with no outside influence or distractions. An attribute that is essential for all aspiring tour or college players!

Playing tournaments throughout the year on a regular basis is a huge factor for every player’s progress and development.

This commitment from both the players and parents, especially during the holiday periods is an essential part of every player’s development and ultimate success.

All parents should adhere to the policies set out in the Parents Code of Conduct at all times.

Academy Promise

Recognise and accept your commitments to non-tennis related activities such as education and family. Academy staff understands that there is a life outside of tennis and the players have other commitments such as family, education and other sporting and personal interest. The pragmatic appraisal of player need, whilst have genuine commitments which sometimes clash with their Academy activities.

Provide an excellent level of coaching and player management. The academy is committed to providing the best coaches possible for its players. Coach education is a cornerstone of our programme and all our coaches have achieved a high level of competence through playing experience and/or practical and theoretical training.

Academy sponsor – The Academy may enter into a sponsorship agreement that includes the Academy. Academy players will be informed of the details and required to divulge and sponsorship conflicts.

Provide an environment which allows player s to fully develop their skills on and off the court. The Academy exists to promote excellence in tennis and provide the best opportunity for players to reach their full potential in the game.

Provide an equal opportunity for all Academy players participate in games and activities without favouritism. All Academy players will be treated equally as individuals. While I am acknowledged that some players will develop before others and that skill levels may vary, an equal opportunity to play and participate will be afforded to each player.

Acknowledge and appreciate the physical and emotional developmental needs of players. The Academy recognizes that as players grow in the game and in life, additional pressures may be placed on them. Academy staffs are aware that physical and emotional changes will occur at different stages of a player’s development.

Provide as safe environment as possible and be committed to your physical welfare. Academy staff will place player safety above all other considerations and promote a safe playing and training environment.

Player Expectations

As a player in the Super City Academy, you will;

  1. Read and abide by the Academy and Tennis New Zealand Codes of Conduct.
  2. Be punctual and committed to all sessions of the Academy program.
  3. Actively listen to the advice of experienced Academy coaches and try to apply their advice in both training and competition. Remembering that these are former professional players and/or coaches who have been there before.
  4. Not argue with or disrespect a coach.
  5. Not use foul or abusive language or abuse equipment/facilities.
  6. Monitor and be responsible for your own health and advise your squad coach of any injuries and illness that you suffer.
  7. Participate in Academy activities, including training and games, to the best of your ability. Coaches understand that players don’t feel 100% all the time, but expect attitude and application to training to be of a consistently high level.
  8. Support your region by regularly entering Tennis Northern Closed and Tournaments, in addition to Teams Events, Junior ITF’s and National Tournaments.
  9. Make sure you plan your tournament calendar for the year ahead with your personal coach. Through increased tournament participation, Academy players are able to improve their ranking, test themselves against stronger players and different playing styles.
  10. Take individual responsibility for your on-court development.

Note that;

Tennis is a repetitive sport that uses repetitive drills to improve consistency. Sound technique sand consistent ground strokes reduce unforced errors and increase player self-confidence.

Performance in training can then be replicated in tournament environments.

Tour players are those that have given their time and effort into removing inconsistencies from their game, refining the basics of footwork, drilling and point-play. This is the focus of all Academy Sessions.

Parent Expectations

Good sport is about positive attitude. Parents can help to set the right tone and make the game a success by creating a supportive and constructive environment for their child. Tennis Northern believes that it is the best interest of Academy players for parents to leave the training centre during our Elite squad sessions.

This will allow younger players to develop their own on-court identity, become self-reliant in tournament situations (including calling their own lines and implementing match tactics) and focus entirely on coach input during training sessions.

Whilst my child is involved with the Super city Academy I will;

  1. Encourage my child and other children in their efforts in sport.
  2. Insist that my child plays by the rules and the principles of fair play and the Tennis New Zealand constitution.
  3. Respect my child’s efforts the same, regardless of whether the game was won or lost.
  4. Exercise self-control as a spectator.
  5. Publicly accept umpires/officials judgement.
  6. Always be positive and never ridicule or shout at players.
  7. Watch my child play and let him/her enjoy the game.
  8. Show appreciation to those people who volunteer their time so my child can play sport.
  9. Remember that my child plays sport for his/her reasons, not mine.
  10. Never place undue pressure on my child to play or perform.
  11. Make an effort to understand the rules of the game.
  12. Give it my “all” and enjoy the game.
  13. Pay all Academy fees within 14 days of the invoice being issued.

Please note; Non-payment of invoices, along with any breaking of the above conditions will result in your child being asked to leave the squad so another child can be invited in.

Academy Director – Jeff Simpson

Phone: 09 414 5530 ext 705