Albany Tennis Park
321 Oteha Valley Road,
PO Box 300 141
Albany, Auckland 0752

(09) 414 5530

CEO – Chris Casey    Ext: 7

Finance Manager – Helen Dixey    Ext: 3

Interclub & Competitions – Sarah Croft    Ext: 4


North Shore Graded Championships 2021

North Shore Graded Championships 2021


Men’s Singles Div 1

Winner                 Sion Wiggin
Finalist                  Joel Cattell

Men’s Singles Div 2

Winner                 Jacob Warren
Finalist                  J.J. Tay

Men’s Singles Div 3

Winner                 Jonathan Leftley
Finalist                  Kiernan Busher

Men’s Singles Div 4

Winner                 Raghav Bhalla
Finalist                  Daisuke Hirose


Women’s Singles

Winner                 Hannah Lin
Finalist                  Jasmine Druskovich


Men’s Doubles Div 2

Winners               Evan French and Luke Melville
Finalists                Kiernan Busher and Edward Wordsworth

Men’s Doubles Div 1

Winners               Howard Ho and Sion Wiggin
Finalists                Terry Lee and Bailey Sutton